e-agriculture: "iShamba, Getting market and weather information by SMS"

By understanding and profiling the exact needs of farmers across the country, iShamba is delivering a tailored service to each customer based on their preferences, interests and location. This targeted service works through a platform that digitally manages the information, and through an SMS distribution and call centre facility that allows the dissemination of information without the need for a Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

April 2016

AECF: Impact Report 2014

It is estimated that in 2014, Shamba Shape-Up benefitted 515,000 rural households and provided total benfits of US$30m, the highest development impact from a single project in the AECF portfolio.

AFKInsider: Telling Africa’s Agriculture Stories Through Radio, TV, Film

Shamba Shape-Up is a makeover reality TV show that focuses on struggling farms. The show’s host visits different farms, meets farmers to learn about the issues they’re facing, then interviews expert guests to provide advice. The show boasts more than 10 million viewers weekly.

February 2016

Farming First: ''14 Ways Agriculture Is Reducing Poverty

“Only by putting the poorest in charge of their own lives and destinies, will absolute poverty and deprivation be removed from the face of the earth.”

Read on to find out how farmers are being helped to graduate to more sustainable livelihoods…

September 2015

The Christian Science Monitor: ''Extreme Makeover with chicken coops and compost: Welcome to Kenyan reality TV

NAIROBI, KENYA — In the US, reality TV is replete with spoiled teenagers, extreme eating challenges, and arguing roommates. Here in Kenya, though, an innovative show is putting aside ratings-grabbing petty squabbling and trying to do good: helping small farmers back from the brink of poverty.

Huffington Post: ''Calling on Half a Billion Farmers to Join the "Climate-Smart" Revolution''

Scientists warn that abrupt shifts in growing conditions already are reducing yields of important food staples. And they are concerned that climate stresses are likely to cause massive losses in tropical fisheries and threaten livestock that sustain the world’s poorest people.

The World Bank: ''Harvesting Nutrition Awards Highlight Three Winning Projects from Across Africa''

Three innovative, award-winning projects from Africa were highlighted at a global event on February 19, 2015, which was broadcast live from World Bank Group headquarters in Washington, D.C. The projects show how agriculture, nutrition and food security goals can be achieved in a single development program.

Nutrition Exchange: ''A Farm Make-Over TV Show In East Africa''

he show aims to give both farmers and audiences the tools they need to improve their farms (shambas).

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June 2015

Social Media 4 Development: ''Shamba Shape Up and the Use of Social Media''

The series is also supported online with a popular Facebook page which has around 44,500 fans, a Twitter page which has nearly 3,000 followers, a YouTube channel, and recently, a blog and Instagram. The interaction on the Facebook page is pretty impressive.

June 2015

SoilCares: ''Premiers on Shamba Shape Up TV Series''

SoilCares continues to feature on the weekly Shamba Shape Up series aired on Kenya’s Citizen Television Network that reaches over 4 million viewers across East Africa.

Torch box: ''How Do You Spell Cabbages?''

One of the more unusual projects Torchbox has recently built is iShamba, on behalf of Kenya-based Mediae. iShamba is a farming information service, taking advantage of the popularity of Mediae’s TV show 'Shamba Shape Up’ to provide further support to farmers via their mobile phones.

The Guardian: ''Mediae makes Reality TV With Real Economic Benefits''

Shamba Shape Up reaches a farming audience of millions and is spreading the sustainability message – think The Archers but culturally specific to Africa.

April 2015

Africa Impact Group: ''Impact Investing: Easier Than Ever To Invest In Social Good''

See Agriculture section for post on iShamba and Shamba Shape Up

Inter Press Service: ''To Solve Hunger, Start with Soil''

Anne-Marie Steyn is Series Producer of Shamba Shape Up and a spokesperson for Farming First. The Farming First coalition is currently in New York advocating for agriculture’s central role in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

April 2015

The Guardian: ''Have U Tried Cow Dung?' Smartphones Help Kenyan Farmers Text Their Way Out Of Trouble''

New mobile phone services are providing farmers in developing countries with agricultural advice on challenges such as how to get rid of moles.

April 2015

CIAT: ''Scaling Up - TV Helps Farmers Shape Up Soils in East Africa''

There are a lot of big facts about soil knocking around this year – on account of it being the International Year of Soils.

ICRAF: ''Shamba Shape Up Gets a Helping Hand From ICRAF

The East African hit TV series “Shamba Shape Up” is partnering with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) to study the effectiveness of using television and mobile phone technology to engage with smallholder farmers.

March 2015

Chris Harrison: ''Star Quality''

If you’re an accomplished marketer in Africa you will already have exposed your brand in a number of channels and editorial environments, Shamba Shape Up is just one of them who is doing this.

March 2015

Africa Education-Entertainment: ''Assessing the Impact of Shamba Shape Up''

Where entertainment-education is central to Africa’s social and economic development.

March 2015

GALVmed: ''GALVmed to Promote Newcastle Disease Vaccine

Popular East Africa TV company and GALVmed to promote Newcastle Disease vaccinations to farmers through TV, social media and texts.

February 2015

Hortinews: ''Shaping up the Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato

Shamba Shape Up programme aired 8 episodes about the orange-fleshed sweetpotato, focusing on planting, diseases, storage, cuttings, vine health and cooking on Citizen TV.

February 2015

CCAFS: ''Research in Action''

A reality TV show with real impacts on farms

CCAFS: ''A Reality Show with Real Impact on Farms''

A popular Kenyan program is teaching farmers about climate-smart agriculture.

February 2015

M&G Africa: ''On Africa's Farms''

Between 1984 and 1985, a horrific famine killed thousands in Korem, northern Ethiopia. Today Korem is a model of agricultural productivity. The people in Korem remained the same. Their story suggests that to achieve food security, the things we need to change are the easier ones -governments, policy, incentives, and technology. Not the people. It’s their stories of overcoming odds that Mail & Guardian Africa feels privileged to share.

Rockefeller Funds: Rockefeller Funds African Reality Makeover Show: It’s Not What You Think

The Rockefeller Foundation is always on the lookout for innovative ways to bolster global food security. One issue the foundation has paid a significant amount of attention to lately, as we wrote in the fall, is post-harvest loss. To reduce such losses, which are the last thing you want to see on a hungry continent filled with poor farmers, the foundation has been thinking pretty creatively.

Global Envision: 'TV Makeover Show Shapes Up East African Agricultural Economies'

Edutainment company Mediae’s latest recipe to revive rural livelihoods in Kenya mixes agricultural education and reality TV, with a pinch of celebrity and a dash of drama.

July 2012

Voice of America: 'Reality TV Show Helps Farmers Improve Livelihoods'

Inspired by the popularity of American and British home makeover shows, a television producer in Kenya has created a farming reality show that is helping farmers in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania do a better job. The program now has more than seven million viewers.

October 2012

Afritorial ''Kenyan Reality TV Show Helps Farmers Improve Rural Lives''

Unlikely TV stars in an unlikely reality television project in Kenya that’s far removed from the ‘glitz’, ‘glamour’ and cheese of the genre.

16th May 2012

Wageninger UR ''Assessing the Impact of Shamba Shape Up''

Shamba Shape Up (SSU) is a make-over educational TV programme broadcast on Citizen Television, in 39 weekly 30 minute instalments throughout the main cropping season in Kenya.

IFAD ''IFAD and Shamba Shape Up''

With the fourth and latest series of Shamba Shape-Up, Kenya’s most watched agriculture TV show, IFAD staff have been talking to smallholder farmers about a range of practical issues, from cow care and livestock resilience to climate-change adaption.

EUCORD ''Shamba Shape Up- Evergreen Farming, Chickens, Using Pesticides''

Shamba Shape-Up visits farmers, Peter and Kioko, farming brothers in Kenya, to share the hardships of raising cows and chicken, farming tomatoes, bananas and other crops.

Michigan State University ''Researchers Working to Improve Livelihoods of Farmers in Kenya''

Two Department of Media and Information faculty members have been awarded $99,787 by USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures to produce and pilot educational and entertaining (“edutaining”) short films to increase cell phone literacy among smallholder farmers in Kenya.28th October 2014

Michigan State University ''USAID Award to MSU to Improve Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers''

USAID awards $99,787 to Michigan State University researchers to improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers through innovative ‘edutaining’ program.

October 2014

Food Tank ''Agricultural Reality Stars''

While farmers and researchers are coming up with more sustainable and innovative ways to farm across the globe, it’s not always easy for the information to be shared or accessed. Many organizations are taking a new approach to expand access by broadcasting through creative and non-traditional media outlets.

September 2014

Connected Kenya: Awards Show

The Mediae Company wins award for agriculture with Shamba Shape Up show.

September 2014

Imperial Valley News ''Agricultural Reality Stars''

While farmers and researchers are coming up with more sustainable and innovative ways to farm across the globe, it’s not always easy for the information to be shared or accessed. Many organizations are taking a new approach to expand access by broadcasting through creative and non-traditional media outlets.

13th August 2014

FDL Reporter ''Taking Reality TV to the Farm''

Leave it to those crafty Kenyans to create a hit agricultural reality television show. “Shamba Shape Up” is a farm makeover show with an estimated audience of more than 11 million people in Kenya and several other African countries.

5th August 2014

The Christian Science Monitor ''How a Kenyan TV Series is Helping Farmers Improve Productivity, Increase Income''

A television series in Kenya is trying to help small-scale farmers with issues such as financial management and irrigation. For example, the show has been helping one Ugandan woman turn her farm into a business to support her nine children.

21st July 2014

FoodTank ''Shamba is Shaping Up, and Making Over, East African Farms''

Shamba Shape Up are using television to reach 11 million viewers every week, and with a team of vets, agronomists, experts and guests they teach farmers how to market and budget their shamba correctly!

16th July 2014

CCAFS ''Sacrificing Goats and Cutting Down Trees. A Tale of Climate Change Causes and Communication''

CCAFS discusses climate change in East Africa and how Shamba Shape Up are helping in educate those affected by it.

3rd July 2014

CCAFS ''Can Innovative Communications Approaches Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Smart Agriculture?''

Climate change technology can help farmers predict future weather patterns.

9th June 2014

Syngenta ''Shamba Shape Up: Sharing Sustainable Practices with Farmers''

Syngenta discuss their involvement with the show.

May 2014

MEA ''News and Updates with Shamba Shape Up''

MEA discusses their involvement in the show this series.

ICRISAT ''Kenya’s TV show Shamba Shape Up features ‘Healthy Groundnuts''

ICRISAT and Shamba Shape Up speak about the importance of good crop health when growing groundnuts.

1st April 2014

GALVmed ''Farmers in Kenya Tell Their Story''

GALVmed use Shamba Shape Up to educate farmers about ECF and its vaccine.

28th April 2014

CCAFS ''Kenyan Farmers Use Climate 'Entertainment' for Empowerment''

CCAFS discuss using Shamba Shape Up for empowerment of farmers

World Agroforestry Centre ''Agricultural Reality Show Helps Farmers Talk to Scientists''

World Agroforestry Centre featured on the show to discuss the importance of planting trees.

24th May 2014

CIMMYT ''Featured on Shamba Shape Up''

CIMMYT discussion of their feature on the show.

30th April 2014

CIP ''Popular TV Show Gives OFSP Full Exposure''

CIP uses the show to expose the new, and healthier OFSP to African markets.

5th May 2014

CCAFS ''Searching For That Evergreen Farm''

CCAFS uses Shamba Shape Up to teach farmers about evergreen farming.

17th April 2014

ASARECA ''Reaching Out to Farmers Via Shamba Shape Up''

ASARECA uses the show to reach larger audiences

16th May 2014

Secure Nutrition ''Harvesting Nutrition 2013 Contest''

Three projects have been selected as winners of the SecureNutrition Knowledge Platform’s 2013 Harvesting Nutrition contest for bridging the gaps between nutrition and agriculture and/or food security, including Shamba Shape Up for it’s work within Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

5th June 2014

The Business Daily ''David Campbell: Producer with a Magic Lens''

His first single sponsorship for the Shamba Shape Up show, a farm makeover reality TV show, was Sh68 million — tens of times above what producers of other local famed shows earn, but David Campbell, the director and 40 per cent shareholder of Mediae Company still maintains a simple lifestyle, only concerned about the next job which needs to be done.

22nd August 2013

The Guardian ''Kenyan TV Show Ploughs Lone Furrow in Battle to Improve Rural Livelihoods''

A reality TV programme is providing Kenya’s farmers with vital tips; its creator wonders why rich countries aren’t doing the same.

15th May 2012

Rural Poverty Portal ''Kenya's Farm Makeover Show, Shamba Shape Up, Offers Practical Advice to Smallholders''

With the fourth and latest series of Shamba Shape Up – Kenya’s most watched agriculture TV show – well under way, IFAD staff have been talking to smallholder farmers about a range of practical issues, from cow care and livestock resilience to climate-change adaption.

7th May 2014

AECF ''Award for 2012 Grantee Goes to Mediae for Shamba Shape Up TV Series''

AECF recently recognised some of its best grantee businesses for the year 2012. While selecting the top grantees was difficult, one of the awards went to MediaE, the Kenyan based company that puts up the popular infotainment programme Shamba Shape Up.

30th August 2013

Practical Action ''Develop a TV Script for a Kenyan Farming Series''

Shamba Shape Up gives pupils an opportunity to develop a script or video clip for a Kenyan TV series designed to support small scale farmers deal with the affects of change.

New Agriculturist ''Shape Up That Shamba!''

Based in Kenya, Shamba Shape Up (shamba – meaning small farm in Swahili) is Kenya’s first make-over television programme – with an agricultural twist. Produced by Mediae Company in Nairobi, each series guides small scale farmers in improved pest management, irrigation, cattle rearing, poultry keeping, and other techniques, in an engaging yet informative way.

September 2012

The Modern Farmer ''Kenya's Best and Only Reality Show for Struggling Farms''

Shamba Shape Up is a wildly popular reality show, with upwards of 10 million weekly viewers across Africa. Each week, two hosts cheerily descend on a struggling farm. They look for issues, tell the owners what they’re doing wrong, and give tips on how to shape up. It’s a familiar reality show format, with a key variation: everyone is nice to each other.

22nd July 2013

The Guardian Sustainable Business ''Mediae Makes Farming Tips Irresistible for Kenyan Farmers''

TV company makes reality show called Shamba Shape Up along the lines of The Archers for an east African audience.

15th May 2014

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