Shamba Shape Up is coming to your mobile!

All the best tips from Kenya’s favourite shamba show, along with weather alerts, market price information and special offers. Interested? Text JOIN to 21606 and we’ll call you back to subscribe you. The advice is tailored to the crops and livestock you hold, local to your location in Kenya, and in tune with your region’s crop cycle.

Subscribing to iShamba gives access to:

1. UNLIMITED access to our iShamba call centre of agronomy experts. Once you have joined, you can call 0711 082 606 with any farming questions you have, from the white spots on your tomato plants to how to increase your maize yield or when your cow is likely to give birth. Give our experts a call, they’d be happy to talk to you.

The call centre is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday 1pm – 5pm.

Calls are charged at a local rate. (Please note you can only reach the call centre if you’ve subscribed to iShamba)

2. UNLIMITED SMS questions to the call centre ‐ SMS the team of agronomy experts on 21606 with your query and we’ll SMS you back with the answer. Each SMS to the call centre costs 5 KSH, deducted from your airtime.

3. SMS FARMING TIPS: Each month you will receive:

  • The market prices for 2 crops in the 2 closest markets to you (call the call centre any time for further information on any of your other commodities.)
  • A weekly weather forecast for your area ‐ including likely rainfall.
  • Agronomy tip text messages aligned to the season in your region of Kenya ‐ so you know exactly when to harvest your crops and which pest and diseases to be on the look out for. You can choose 2 commodities ​(crop or livestock) ​to receive information about and speak to the call centre about any others at any time.

4. Our Shamba Shape Up partners may offer you discount deals from time to time.


Text JOIN to 21606 . One of our experts will call you back.

You can unsubscribe at any time by SMS‐ing “STOP” to 21606.

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Information sources:

Weather forecasts: use over a billion data points to predict weather forecasts local to 9km square.

Market Prices: NAFIS gather the prices of up to 42 commodities in up to 27 markets daily. We will send you the prices of 2 commodities in 2 markets whenever NAFIS update the prices in your market, and you can call or SMS iShamba at any time for the latest prices that we have.

Please send us your feedback! We are evolving iShamba every day and we value your input. Please get in touch with suggestions or comments on 21606 or 0711082606.

We work very hard to ​give our subscribers the most accurate and up to date information. However​,​ many things can change with farming​, such as the weather, the soil type​, the market conditions, so while we feel confident in the advice we are giving, we cannot guarantee results. We will always offer you the best advice and would like to work with you if things go wrong, but we will not compensate you.

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