Interested in working with Shamba Shape Up?

Are you involved in agriculture in East Africa? Do you want to directly contribute to improving the productivity of smallholder farmers in the region?

Shamba Shape Up is watched by 6 million households across East Africa; this is not a passive, urban audience. Their average land holding is 1-2 acres, and they are in the rural cash economy. Almost 50% are women. These are the people who are going to feed this continent, if we give them the knowledge and skills to do so.

They are already using the show to make changes. After the first 3-month series in 2012, 36% of the audience took something they learned on the show and improved their farming. If only 10% made a change, and earned an extra $100 a year from that change, that would be a cumulative benefit of $100 million to rural smallholder agriculture. This might mean they can feed themselves, send their kids to school or turn their farms into successful businesses and do much more than that.

Shamba Shape Up is entirely funded by partners in the agricultural sector, whether in development, research, agri-business or input supply. We are always looking for partners with good information that farmers can use to improve their livelihoods. Partners for the first five series have included AECF, IFDC, ICIPE, KALRO, UNGA, Coopers and d.Light, most of whom have worked with us since the program’s inception, with us taking on new sponsors for series 5, such as USAID.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. We can work with you to include you in the next series.

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