Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more detailed information on the show?

For more information you can either email us or send us an SMS to 30606 (Kenya). When you send us an SMS, please include your name, full address and the subject you are interested in, for example, COWS, GOATS, STRIGA, SOIL TESTING. When we receive your message, we will send you a free informational leaflet in the post.

You can also visit to learn more about how the show is made.

How can my shamba be 'shaped up’ on the show?

We try and choose shamba’s that represent as many of the different farmlands in Kenya as possible, because different areas have specific problems.

As such, we don’t usually take applications from farmers to be on the show; rather we approach farmers in the area we want to look at. However sometimes we may announce on our Facebook site if we are looking to visit an area where we need a shamba to shape up, and we hope to do a lot more in future.

Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date. Facebook

I want to talk to an expert from the show in my area, how can I get the contacts?

The document below lists the contact details of the extension officer that we have used on the show.
PDF Contacts

I want to know more about a specific issue, can you send me information?

You can search for a specific topic on this website, for example, “rainwater harvesting”, and watch relevant episodes and clips.

Each episode is also accompanied by a leaflet, summarising information shown in the episode. You can download the leaflets on this website, or, if you are in Kenya, SMS your name and full address to 30606 and we will send you the leaflets for free in the post.

We regret that the SMS service is not currently available outside Kenya. Leaflets can only be downloaded from this website (look at the specific episode page) and cannot be posted.

How can I contact the producers?

Visit where all the contact details can be found. Alternatively post a message on our Facebook wall to say hi!

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